• Headache Relief

    Millions of Americans live their lives under the constant scourge of headaches. They visit doctor after doctor, rarely finding the ...
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  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Our priority is that the amazing new smile Dr. Dunlap creates for you looks natural.  Whether we use veneers, cosmetic crowns ...
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  • Invisalign

    Invisalign takes a modern approach to straighten teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. ...
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  • Teeth Whitening

    Get the brighter, healthier smile you’ve wanted! Stains can tarnish the best of smiles.  Because your teeth are subjected to ...
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  • Dental Emergencies

    It happens at the worst possible moment. ?You chew into a piece of cherry pie and find a pit with ...
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  • Young children’s dental health
    Tooth decay hits kids hard.  According to the National Institutes of Health, the most widespread chronic children’s disease is tooth decay.  Nearly half of kids ages 2 to 11 have had cavities in their baby teeth.  With good dental hygiene, tooth decay is nearly always preventable. custom essay writers Watch those juices and snacks!  Toddlers love juice in sippy cups, but their slow drinking pace and the fact that juices pack a lot of sugar—even when there’s none added—makes  this a recipe for decay.  Try diluting the juice with water in a 50/50 ratio, and give your toddler no more ...
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  • 5 Reasons for sensitive teeth
    The most common causes of sensitive teeth are cavities or tooth decay. But here are 5 reasons that you may not know about. Grinding or clenching your teeth. Drinking acidic beverages like soda or lemonade, which to erode enamel. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush or brushing with a heavy hand.  Either of these also tends to wear away enamel. Receding gum line, which exposes the root surfaces of teeth. custom essay writers Fractured or cracked teeth. ...
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The inviting waiting room has a fireplace, fresh-brewed coffee, a refrigerator with refreshments, and a television; all of the amenities of home! Each operatory has a giant bay window with natural, scenic views. Most importantly, the office has all of the latest dental technologies. Flat screen computers attached to each chair use digital radiography, intraoral cameras, and cosmetic imaging.